Meet Karlen Thyne

Premier Personal Trainer & Bodybuilding Coach

No matter what challenge you face or what goal you set, Karlen's philosophy is simple: there is always a way.

After fleeing Nicaragua in 1982 with his mom and his brothers due to political unrest, Karlen grew up in Costa Ria. At age 16, he discovered his passion for health and fitness. With resources limited, Karlen got creative by using paint cans, milk jugs, concrete blocks, and random metal bars to build muscle and tenacity. Valuable life lessons emerged: use the bare minimum to get the maximum results.

After 20 years of coaching clients, winning multiple bodybuilding awards, and receiving specialized trainings, today Karlen is co-owner and head trainer at Dynamic Natural Advantage. Located in the Upper Valley in White River Junction, VT, it's a long way from the tropical fruit trees in Central America but right where he wants to be.

Karlen designs custom training programs for new athletes and elite competitors alike, offering in-person training sessions at DNA or at a client's home gym, or through remote online options. Over the years, he has developed sport-specific training programs for youths and adults and is obsessed with helping each individual achieve his or her very best, regardless of what limitations may exist. There is always a way.


  • Body mechanics, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation (exercise therapy)
  • Bodybuilding and competition preparation
  • Functional movement training
  • Ripped/TRX
  • Posture and spine health
  • Tabata/HIIT
  • Group instructor training


  • Highly attentive to client’s needs, forms, and feedback
  • Positive, high-energy
  • Always willing to go the extra mile
  • Adaptive to the intensity and experience level required


  • Thomson Education, Fitness Instructor Certification, 2003
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Exercise Therapy Certification, 2013
  • U.S.B.F. Open Title 2005
  • NPC Rhode Island Open Class Title and Overall Title, 2007
  • OCB Canadian Classic Middle Weight Title, 2007
  • OCB Spirit of America Open Class Title, 2008
  • OCB Spirit of America Men's Model 2008


  • Finding a way to 'make it happen'
  • Seeing his clients reach their goals and break through barriers
  • Cereal with warm milk, kitties, football, and gaming
  • Hair cutting design
  • Karaoke and dancing

Karlen Thyne's Services

Personal Training Programs

Customized programs for competitive athletes, weekend warriors, bodybuilders, and specialized training for those with injuries or illnesses.

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Comprehensive Nutrition & Training Packages

A holistic approach to overall performance through individualized nutrition and fitness plans.

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Fitness Assessments

An assessment of functional movement, strength, flexibility, and injuries in order to customize a fitness plan.

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