Transform Your Health with the Wellness Essentials Super Pack

Tried fad diets without success? They lack sustainability. Get started today and gain immediate access to our holistic solution.


Sustainable Change

Our program promotes long-term lifestyle adjustments, not quick fixes.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the knowledge of experienced wellness professionals.

Nourishment for Life

Embracing nutrient-rich, quality foods rather than unsustainable diet shakes or products.

This Comprehensive Bundle Includes:

All for Only $475.

7-Day New Year, New You Meal Program ($100 Value)

Enjoy a complete shopping list, a 7-day menu, and delicious recipes showcasing the incredible flavors of eating for life.

7-Day Blueprint to Detox & Revitalize ($75 Value)

A step-by-step plan to detoxify your home and rejuvenate your life, promoting overall wellness.

Healthy 4 Life Success Roadmap ($125 Value)

Your ultimate guide to a fresh start, featuring links to essential tools and resources, shopping and preparation tips, sample recipes, and success-oriented advice.

Healthy Plate Quick Guide ($30 Value)

A handy reference for Dr. Laleh’s general healthy recommendations for crafting a balanced meal.

Grain-Free Product Guide ($50 Value)

Explore a carefully curated list of tested and researched grain-free products that fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle.

Dairy-Free Product Guide ($50 Value)

Discover a comprehensive selection of tested and researched dairy-free products to enhance your wellness journey.

Access to Dr. Laleh’s Recipes for Life ($45 Value)

Dive into a digital recipe resource regularly updated with Dr. Laleh’s latest and tastiest recipes for a lifetime of well-being.

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Only $475.

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Imagine a Life Filled with Energy, Vitality, and Optimal Health

Embark on your journey to a healthier you with this all-in-one wellness bundle, designed to make your transition to a vibrant and balanced lifestyle seamless and enjoyable. All for only $475!

Wellness Essentials Super Pack


  • 7-Day Detoxify & Revitalize Guide ($75 Value)
  • Roadmap to Success Kit ($125 Value)
  • 7-Day Eat 4 Life Jumpstart Plan ($100 Value)
  • Dr. Laleh’s Healthy Plate Quick Guide ($30 Value)
  • Grain-Free Product Guide ($50 Value)
  • Dairy-Free Product Guide ($50 Value)
  • Access to Dr. Laleh’s Recipes for Life ($45 Value)

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