Ideal Weight Nutrition Program

By Dr. Laleh Talebian, Ph.D.

One size fits all diet and exercise plans don’t work for most people, mainly because we are all unique. Our plans are as unique as you are and they change as your health improves.

With your commitment, we guarantee that you will tremendously benefit from a customized plan that will improve your overall health & well-being, your energy level, your body weight/fat/ muscle composition, your immune system, your sleep pattern, and all other aspects of your life. 

This plan is best suited for you IF:

  • You are in general good health (no specific medical conditions/health concerns/or diseases).
  • You are NOT at your healthy ideal weight for your body/ gender/ age/ activity level. 
  • You would like a solid structure, specific guidelines, and a strong support system that holds you accountable to ensure your success. 
  • You would like to achieve optimal health, promote longevity, and live a pain-free and medication-free life through a long-term healthy lifestyle specifically designed for you.

What's Included:

✔ 🍽️5-Month Nutrition Program: A 5-month tailored nutrition program designed to optimize your performance and propel you toward your goals.

 🛒Customized Shopping Lists: Say goodbye to confusion in the grocery store aisles. Dr. Laleh provides detailed shopping lists and guidelines for each 4-week increment of your program, ensuring you have the right foods at your fingertips.

✔ 🌿Supplement Recommendations: Enhance your nutrition journey with personalized supplement recommendations, if needed, to complement your dietary intake and support your overall health and wellness goals (if needed).

 💬90-Minute Consultation: Dr. Laleh will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, discussing your medical history, current health status, any symptoms, and health concerns. Together, you'll set clear goals and develop a personalized program.

✔ 📚Onboarding Kit: Jumpstart your progress with a 7-Day Blueprint to a Healthier Lifestyle, the Healthy 4 Life Roadmap, Dr. Laleh's Healthy Plate, and a Dairy-Free and Grain-Free Foods Alternatives Guide.

 📖Online Resource Library: Gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and its impact on your health through many resources curated by Dr. Laleh. Empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed choices about your diet and lifestyle.

🥗Delicious Recipes: Access over 100+ delicious and nutritious recipes crafted by Dr. Laleh, making healthy eating an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

 📊Personalized Progress Report: Track your journey with regular progress reports and updates designed to keep you motivated and on track.

✔ 📧Weekly Email Check-ins: Receive ongoing support and accountability with weekly email check-ins.

✔ 🗓️Monthly Evaluation: Receive a monthly evaluation form to measure progress. This is followed up with a 30-minute Zoom meeting to make necessary adjustments.

✔ 💻30-Minute Monthly Zoom Meeting: Evaluate progress and make necessary adjustments to the program.

Select Your Plan:

Ongoing Support Monthly Nutrition Program:*

*Clients must have completed a 5-month program in order to qualify for the monthly discount.

🍽️Monthly Nutrition Program: Monthly tailored nutrition program designed to optimize your performance and propel you towards your goals.

📞30-Minute Accountability & Support Call: Get personalized guidance and support with monthly calls to address any questions or concerns with Dr. Laleh.

📧Weekly Email Check-ins: Receive ongoing support and accountability with weekly email check-ins to monitor your progress.

✔ 🎁Bonus: DNA Wellness Gym Membership: Add on access to our 24-hour gym facility for just $50/month, saving you $15/month on membership fees.

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