DNA Assess Health Evaluation

A uniquely specialized cardiac function test developed by Dr. Laleh with a full report and recommendations to improve your outcomes.

During this comprehensive health evaluation Dr. Laleh will assess the following:

Cardiovascular Health:

Heart fitness age compared to your biological age

General heart health

Lactate threshold, muscular recovery, fat burning zone

Recovery at 30 seconds

Recovery at 60 seconds


General Health/ Risk Factor:

% Body Fat


Relative cardiac risk Waist: Hip

Relative cardiac risk Waist: Height

How It Works

Take control of your cardiac health in 3 easy steps.

Step #1

Sign up for a DNAssess Health Evaluation with Dr. Laleh Talebian Ph.D.

Step #2

Follow the guidelines leading up to your DNAssess Health Evaluation in your confirmation email.

Step #3

Take control of your cardiac health.

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