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Custom Nutritional Healing Programs

By Dr. Laleh Talebian, Ph.D.

Each plan is based on your unique health issues, family health history, blood type, among other factors conveyed during the initial assessment process. These plans should not be construed as a cure for cancer/disease.

Cancer Prevention

The Cancer Prevention Nutrition Program is designed to delay the onset of cancer in cases where there is a genetic predisposition or higher cancer risk by building up your body’s natural defense mechanisms to keep cancer and disease at bay.  

This plan is also designed to improve prognosis and outcomes in the event of onset.

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Cancer Care

The Cancer Care & Chemotherapy Prevention Program is designed to strengthen your immune system to fight cancer and reduce the risk of relapse and secondary cancers.

This program is also designed to minimize weaknesses and issues associated with cancer treatment.

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Cancer Control

The Cancer Control Program is designed to continuously fortify your immune system to keep cancer under control. This program is aimed at reducing the risk of relapse, metastasis, or onset of secondary therapy-related cancers.

It is also designed to delay relapse and improve prognosis and outcomes in the event of a relapse.

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Chronic Conditions

The Chronic Conditions Program is designed for those individuals who have a specific non-cancer health concern – whether formally diagnosed or not – seeking guidance on the best nutritional path forward.

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Ideal Weight

The Ideal Weight Program is designed for individuals who want to reach (and maintain) their ideal body weight or composition, and are seeking optimal health.

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Fuel For Performance

The Fuel For Performance Nutrition Program is designed for athletes of all ages who want to perform at their very peak, whether it’s training for a competition, a race, or a weekend ultimate frisbee game.

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