Our Services

DNA offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs of every individual and may be HSA, HRA, FSA, and wellness dollar eligible. For more details, see your insurance plan.
All nutrition and personal training programs are offered in person and virtually.

Nutrition Programs 

Nutritional healing for active disease management or recovery, disease prevention, or weight loss/obesity with complicating factors.

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Fitness Programs

Customized plans for competitive athletes, weekend warriors, bodybuilders, and specialized training for those with injuries or illnesses.

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DNA University Presents:
Eat 2B Fit Online Course

Designed to put your health and well-being back into your control through online education and active support.

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Gym Membership

An assessment of functional movement, strength, flexibility, and injuries to customize a fitness program.

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Health & Wellness Visits

Address health and wellness questions, review lab results or discuss your personal goals to gain clarity on the best choices for you.

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Specialized Massage Therapy

For local clients, specialized massage therapy is available at a discount for those with active plans.

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