Comprehensive Nutrition & Personal TrainingĀ Program

With Dr. Laleh Talebian

Nutrition & Functional Healing Program

Nutrition: Designed for those individuals who have a specific non-cancer health concern – whether formally diagnosed or not – seeking guidance on the best nutritional path forward.

Training: This training approach is specifically customized to address a specific health concern. It’s best suited for neuromuscular disorders such as Parkinson's, MS, OR rehabilitation after surgery, an injury, OR designed to prevent certain injuries for an individual. This plan includes targeted support and guidance outside of the training session.

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Ideal Weight Nutrition &TrainingĀ Program

Nutrition: Designed for individuals who want to reach (and maintain) their ideal body weight or composition, and are seeking optimal health.

Training:Ā Structured training with built-in accountability that is focused on cardiovascular health; safe and effective, long-term weight management; and healthy muscle development. Direct support, monthly measurements, and progressive program updates help you improve and build confidence.

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Athletic Performance Nutrition & Training Program

Nutrition: Designed for athletes of all ages who want to perform at their very peak, whether it’s training for a competition, a race, or a weekend ultimate frisbee game.

Training: A customized, advanced training plan suitable for student and adult athletes wanting to take their performance to the next level. With built-in accountability and a progressive approach to training, the programs
are as dynamic as the movements.  

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