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Episode 69- Settling for 80 % OR going for perfection?

Season #1

I am very excited about today’s podcast because it is very much inspired by one of my regular listeners. I LOVE it when you send me your thoughts, feedback, questions, comments etc. It gives me the greatest reason to create more content for this podcast and talk about topics that may weigh on your mind as well but you may not want to speak your mind or you may think I will not listen or read your comments. Let me tell you this: I DO, and I LOVE for you to talk to me, ask me questions, or challenge me. So never ever hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts- I want to know and I DO care. So if you are listening to this and are not quite sure about the topic of 80:20, go back and listen to the episode before this- number 68: “Are you following the 80:20 rule?” Once you have heard that, this episode will make much more sense.