Meet Scott Stone

Functional Training Movement Enhancement Specialist, Holistic Wellness Coach

Call or Text (Preferred):

(603) 236-1041 to schedule a FREE consultation or appointment with Scott Stone.

Education & Training:
Bachelor of Science - PE
Exercise Science - Sports Medicine
Corporate Wellness
Associate of Science - Chemical Dependency
NMT Neuromuscular TherapySomatic Therapy
NASM PES Performance Enhancement Specialist
Movement Specialist
HKC Certification
Holy Fire Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki Master
IET - Integrated Energy Therapy
Melchizedek Method Practitioner
HLC Practitioner Check Institute 
Titles & Awards:
Created Milestone Training Systems
Owner of Stonesmith Movement Studio
SELF Development Program
Events Competitions and Races:
Participant in 19 Qualifying Boston Marathons
Run Over 50 Marathons Around the Country and World

A movement practitioner since 1991, researching methods to improve mobility and movement enhancement. Developed Milestone Movement Systems and owner of Stonesmith Movement Studio SELF programs to enhance awareness of one’s body. You may have also seen Scott at DNA Wellness or lecturing at Dartmouth College on mindfulness, exercise, and stress management.

As a passionate student of human movement and injury prevention, Scott worked at the Mosenthal Clinic for over 14 years as a hands-on practitioner, seeing thousands of patients for injury-related problems. Scott created a method for maintaining a healthy life through a sustainable movement practice for vitality and resilience. Scott works with clients of all ages and all ability levels, from the Olympic level to industrial athletes.

When Scott is not teaching and helping clients, you may see him paddle boarding and playing bass with Jason Cann or Doug Lantz locally. Scott loves spending time with his two daughters eating Turkish or Thai food or being out in nature whenever possible. Scott also loves relaxing at home with his partner Jana and dog Pitti Pat.

Scott’s intuitive ability helps him guide his clients to learn methods for active sustainable movement practice and lifestyle. His mission is to improve postural awareness, often caused by impairment, illness, or neglect.