Meet the Dynamic Team

We have formed a team of skilled, experienced, caring, and passionate experts to help you get stronger and healthier each day.

Dr. Laleh Talebian Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Athletic Judge & Fitness Coach, Certified Health Coach for Patient Care

Laleh Talebian, Ph.D., is a cancer research scientist with more than two decades of experience, a nutrition specialist, podcaster, author, and professional bodybuilder. You may have seen her on TV or seen her featured in Health Watch magazine. Dr. Laleh earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology of Cancer from Dartmouth College, and her research has been published in ten major peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Meet Dr. Laleh Talebian Ph.D.
Karlen Thyne, ISAA-Certified

Premier Personal Trainer & Bodybuilding Coach 

(Bilingual in English and Spanish)
Karlen Thyne is a certified personal trainer with 20 years of experience with an emphasis on body mechanics and injury prevention, and is highly skilled in working with bodybuilders as well as student and adult competitive athletes. He also works with clients (remotely and in-person) who have special health needs such as Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, and injury rehabilitation.

Meet Karlen Thyne
Scott Stone, BS Exercise Science

Functional Training Movement Enhancement Specialist, Holistic Wellness Coach 

Scott Stone has been a movement practitioner since 1991, researching methods to improve mobility and enhance movement. Developer of Milestone Movement Systems and owner of Stonesmith Movement Studio SELF programs, designed to enhance awareness of one’s body.  Scott’s mission is to forge better health through progression-based movement training and improving physical body awareness and intelligence.

Meet Scott Stone
Jenna Mangini, LMT, MMP

Specialized Therapeutic Massage Therapist

A licensed massage therapist and medical massage practitioner, Jenna has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in physical therapy. She provides customized massages based on the client's specific needs and has experience with a very diverse clientele, ranging from senior citizens to NFL and NHL players.

Meet Jenna Mangini
Violet Jones

Certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, & Meditation Coach.

Certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and meditation coach Violet Jones is passionate about helping people discover their optimal wellness potential through physical training and meditation coaching. 

Meet Violet Jones
Carolyn Hooper

Restorative Wellness Coach, Fellow of Functional Biomechanics & Movement Practitioner.

A Restorative Wellness Coach, Fellow of Functional Biomechanics, and a Movement Practitioner with over 20 years of professional experience. Carolyn has rooted her practice in believing that every person deserves an optimal quality of life at every moment.

Meet Carolyn Hooper